Floyd Enterprise

Floyd EnterprisesFloyd Enterprises, Inc., a general contracting company, operates as a very cohesive team to produce high quality custom homes. Our staff, subcontractors and suppliers operate efficiently because of our many years together.

Our mission is to produce homes that delight the client, as well as develop a real sense of pride amongst those directly involved with construction. We find our suppliers and subcontractors exemplify our high standards and compliment our way of doing business. When a group is this committed to a project, it is easy to understand how the finished product is so spectacular.

Floyd Enterprises, Inc. has a complete understanding of custom construction as it relates to land acquisition, design, construction financing and client service. Our many years of service in this unique market have solidified our ability to facilitate the various needs and concerns of the client. Attention to detail and effective communication among our tradesmen, staff and clients, has resulted in unsurpassed quality and truly satisfied clients. In fact, we are one of the few design-build firms who can proudly say that we have been building quality custom homes for 29 years.

Floyd Enterprises, Inc. is the best choice for your custom dream home, from the planning and design phases, budgeting and financing, to the exciting construction phase and the realization that your dream has come true. We are committed to being the very best homebuilding/remodeling team in Southwest Virginia.