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Why You Should Consider Moving to Smith Mountain Lake

If you’ve made the decision to relocate to a lakefront home and you haven’t considered Smith Mountain Lake, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this charming Southern community.

Smith Mountain Lake is nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, creating a breathtaking backdrop that blends seamlessly with the lake itself. Spanning over 500 miles of shoreline, Smith Mountain Lake offers an attractive option for those searching for a vacation residence or maintenance-free living.

How Does Smith Mountain Lake Compare to Other Lakefront Areas?

When researching lake resort areas, you’ve more than likely brushed up on other popular locations on the East Coast including Lake Anna, Lake Gaston, and Lake Norman. You may have even noticed that there are strong similarities between most of these lakefront communities, including access to recreational watersports and outdoor activities, and real estate investment opportunities.

What Sets Smith Mountain Lake Apart?

Centrally located near many major metropolitan areas, Smith Mountain Lake truly caters to those who want a casual, secluded lifestyle, but would still like to be within short traveling distance to larger cities. SML is located in between Roanoke and Lynchburg, allowing residents quick access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Both cities are home to regional airports and train stations, making travel to and from easy and affordable. Larger cities, such as Greensboro, Charlotte, Richmond, and Washington D.C. are also within a short driving distance.

Smith Mountain Lake is a popular choice for real estate investment. While some lakefront locales are strictly known for their luxury waterfront developments, SML offers also single-family homes, water access lots, farmland, and countryside acreage. From condos and townhomes to sprawling estates and rustic farmhouses, Smith Mountain Lake provides a variety of real estate opportunities for investment.

Premier Lakefront Lifestyle

For those interested in premier waterfront property investment, Smith Mountain Lake has some of the most beautiful homes available on the real estate market. Known for unique architecture and upscale amenities like private beaches and multilevel boat docks, these homes embody every aspect of luxury living.

I’ll Help You Find the Right Property

Take a moment to search my featured listings and let me know if there is a property that interests you. I would love the opportunity to introduce you to this wonderful community, and share with you the many reasons why I’ve chosen to call Smith Mountain Lake home.

Three Things That May Increase Your Home’s Worth

If you’re thinking about listing your Smith Mountain Lake home in the not so distant future, you may be interested in which features are popular amongst motivated buyers. Below is a list of perks that are on currently trend within the real estate market:

Distance to Nearby Cities
One of the selling points of moving to Smith Mountain Lake is the area’s distinct location. Small cities, such as Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Charlottesville, are within a short driving distance. Larger metropolitan cities, including Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Washington, DC, are close by as well. This gives Smith Mountain Lake the unique ability to feel both removed and connected at the same time.

Trendy Upgrades
If you spend an afternoon casually watching HGTV, you’ll quickly notice a common aesthetic with renovations and interior design. Upgrades such as open floor plans, smart technology, and anything approved by Joanna Gaines are very popular at the moment. If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, consider adding smart outlets and lighting along with a farmhouse sink.

Interior Colors
According Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis, homes with blue kitchens and bathrooms were the most popular with buyers. Neutral colors, such as blues and grays, allow prospects to easily visualize their own belongings in your home.

If you’re thinking about putting your Smith Mountain Lake home on the market, contact me today and we will work together to ensure that your listing gets in front of the right people.


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How To Keep Your Home Healthy

We’re in the middle of one of the worst flu seasons on record, causing many of us to pause and focus on our health and habits. Keeping your hands washed and staying at home when you’re sick are noted ways of combating illnesses, but giving careful attention to your living space will add an additional layer of defense.

Update Your Bedding
If you can’t remember when you purchased your mattress, then it may be a good idea to replace it. The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your mattress between 5-7 years. Mattresses and pillows are super absorbent, and if it’s on your skin, then it’s in your mattress.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider memory foam. These mattresses are naturally antimicrobial and resist dust mites. Purchase a high-quality mattress cover for added protection.

Replace Your Filters
Changing your filters is important for keeping the air in your home dust-free. Generally speaking, a home without pets or allergy sufferers should have new air filters every 90 days. If you suffer from allergies, change your filters every month.

And don’t forget about the filters in your refrigerators and water pitchers. These should be replaced every two months or 40 gallons.

Check Your Detectors
This step falls under mental well-being, but is arguably the most important entry on the list. Making sure that your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors are working properly could help save your family’s life. Batteries should be changed twice a year, and the unit itself should be changed every 8-10 years.

Keeping your home healthy is a year-round process. If you don’t know where to begin, start by making a list of areas that need to be addressed, and prioritize them. Mark your calendars or set reminders on your phone so that you won’t forget.

Source:, Is Your House Healthy? 4 Areas to Check

Are You Buying a New Smith Mountain Lake Home in 2018?

If one of your goals for this year is to upgrade to a larger home, or purchase an investment property, chances are good that you’ve already started on the fun part: looking at property listings. Swiping through available SML homes and looking at photos and virtual tours is exciting. Besides, who doesn’t like to daydream about waking up to a gorgeous view of Smith Mountain Lake, or sitting by a bonfire on a private beach?

The good news is that making a list of your favorite properties is wonderful, and necessary, step in helping your find your next property. But there’s also a list of other, less exciting steps that are just as important.

  1. Know Your Credit Score: Unless you’re paying for your home out-of-pocket, you are more than likely going to have to apply for a mortgage. Higher credit scores result in better mortgage rates. If your credit score is low, then check your reports for errors and start the process of repairing.
  2. No New Credit Cards: Now that the holidays are behind us, there’s less temptation to open a line of store credit to save that 20% on your qualifying purchase. Each new credit card is a new line of credit. Banks look at your debt-to-credit ratio to essentially see how much you owe and how responsible you are in making your payments. It’s best to pay down your current credit cards (or pay them off completely) and resist the urge to open additional lines of credit.
  3. Start Looking at Realtors: I’ve written about how important it is to choose the right realtor, and if you’re looking for a new home then now is the time to start the process. Do not let one Google search determine your real estate agent. Do your homework and find an agent who has experience working with listings similar to what you want.
  4. Know How Much House You Can Afford: By getting pre-approved through a mortgage lender, you’ll know exactly how much home you can buy. This will help you and your realtor determine which properties best suit your budget. If you’re purchasing a second home, then have an honest conversation with yourself and your family regarding how much time you’re going to be visiting. Remember, your vacation home still needs to be maintained even if you’re not there.

If you’re ready to start your Smith Mountain Lake home search, then contact me today. I would love the opportunity to learn more about your desired SML lifestyle and work with you to find the ideal property.


Choosing a Smith Mountain Lake Realtor

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life, and partnering with the right realtor will help make the process much smoother. An experienced realtor will help you find the right property and guide you through all of the necessary steps, from the initial walk-through all the way to closing.

But how do you choose the right realtor? If you’re new to area, or searching out-of-market, then you might not know which realtors specialize in the particular type of property that you’re interested in seeing.

For example, if you have your heart set on a waterfront condo in a maintenance-free residential development, then choosing a realtor who works primarily with first-time home buyers searching for properties within suburban neighborhoods may not be a good match.

Make a list of the amenities and lifestyle experiences that you would like to have associated with your next purchase. For example, do you want to be near a golf course, or in a more seclude area? Do you want waterfront, water access, or off the water completely?

As a resident realtor, I can connect you with the property that speaks to your lifestyle needs. I can also help you discover options that you may not have considered. I’m a member of this community in every sense: as a resident, as a wife and mother, and as a real estate professional.

Should I Shop for My Home Online?

It’s hard to remember what life was like before the internet. To think that there was a time when you had to lose yourself in an accordion map just to make it to the beach seems comical, simply because all of the information we could ever need is readily available at our fingertips. Now we tell our phone where we want to go, and it will happily guide us from our driveway to our destination while offering restaurant suggestions along the way.

Vetting purchases online isn’t relegated to clothing and technology. Consumers are turning to real estate sites like Zillow to help them find their next home, and relying on virtual tours and slideshows to help familiarize themselves with the property. But can you get a good grasp of a listing from a website alone?

Why It Pays to See Listings in Person

Professional photographers make good money for a reason: understanding how to use lighting, composition, and angles to enhance an image is an art form. Seeing is believing, and a wide-angle lens can make a broom closet look amazing. Plus, photos and virtual tours only offer a visual reference. Rarely will you find photos of the neighbor’s adjoining property, or their extensive collection of inflatable holiday decor.

Working with an experienced local realtor will allow you to get see the whole picture, not just the positives. Your realtor protects your best interests, and offers an unbiased perspective on the property. For example, if you’ve mentioned that maintenance-free living is a top priority, your realtor will show you listings located within an inclusive community. If you have your heart set on a waterfront property, your realtor will exclude farmland and suburban neighborhoods.

There’s no harm in perusing the internet for real estate listings, but when you’re serious about buying a home, there’s no substitute for an experienced local realtor.